Coluzzi Family History

My family comes from Segni, Italy. My grandfather Nazzerino Enzo Coluzzi came to America and married Louise Vita. My father is the 2nd of 4 sons, Frank, Nazzerino Jr., Roland, and Raymond.

My Grandfather, Nazzareno Coluzzi, was born on February 14, 1896, in Segni, Italy. Segni, is about 18 miles southeast of Rome. It is an old fortress style town on top of a hill.

Nazzareno's fathers name was Angelo Coluzzi, and his mother was Esmeralda Vari. His education ended at the elementary school level.  In Italy, at the time, further education was limited to families with good financial resources. The family owned a one room (condominium) apartment in the town, and a small farm site of about one acre. The farm site was about 2 miles down the mountain.

After leaving school, my grandfather worked in a marble quarry, located below the town of Segni.  Nazzareno had an uncle by the name of Julio Vari (his mothers brother) who was already in the United States, and lived in Washington D. C.. Since he was the younger son, he was encouraged to go to America. Nazzareno arrived in the United States at Ellis Island, New York, on 16 February 1913. He found his way, by train, to Washington, where he was met by his Uncle Julio. Uncle Julio, arranged for Nazzareno to live with the Joseph Tucco family as a boarder. The home was located in the little Italy section of Washington D. C., within a block of the United States Capitol.